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We all know that laptops have found their way into the classroom and occasional office meetings, taking the place of our once-beloved notebooks and writing instruments. But did you know that taking notes with your laptop could actually hinder your ability to learn information?

Laptop helyett válaszd a tollat!

1. Writing promotes understanding

Those who write by hand have a better and deeper understanding of the relevant topic. They apply and integrate the material in question with greater success than those who take notes on a laptop.

2. The brain works harder

Handwriting requires a different kind of cognitive processing than typing on paper and both have different effects. We can’t write as fast as we can type on a laptop. When writing by hand, the brain is forced to write down the most important data, the most essential things from what is said. Typing can be almost as fast as someone speaks, so we jot down notes on a laptop without understanding the deeper meaning of the words or thoughts.

Laptop helyett válaszd a tollat!3. Handwriting is more memorable

You might think that typed notes will help people in the long run, but you’d be wrong! When participants in a survey were given a week to process their notes, those who wrote their notes by hand outperformed those who took notes on a laptop. Handwriting is more effective for memory because you describe the context and content in your own words.

4. Fewer distractions – More effective focusing

There are a lot of things you can do on a laptop, but it doesn’t help when you’re trying to focus on what’s being said in a meeting or classroom. It’s very easy to get distracted by someone using a laptop, but a pen and notebook won’t distract you.

The next time you take notes, you should remember that a notebook and a good pen will help you process what you have written more efficiently, you will remember them longer and your brain will work better. And if we also use a text highlighter and colored pens for highlighting, the point will be preserved even better!

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