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Small steps, simple decisions can bring big changes!

Eco-friendly is trendy!

Social responsibility and compassion are endeavors for us all. Even the smallest of efforts can have a lasting impression on our environment and the individuals living within it.

That’s why more and more customers prefer to buy products that are eco-friendly. So it is worth expanding your portfolio with eco-friendly writing instruments.

Eco-friendly writing instruments are:

  • Refillable pens
  • Metal pens
  • Pens made of recycled materials

Check out our website and get to know these pens more closely!

Replaceable fountain pens: environmentally friendly and cost-effective

Környezetbarát íróeszközök

They are much more environmentally friendly than simple, plastic, disposable pens. When the ink runs out, all you have to do is buy a refill and the pen can be used again – even for years. This type of product is not only more environmentally friendly, but also more cost-effective.

Durable metal pens!

Metal writing instruments are extremely durable thanks to their material. They don’t wear out, they can be disinfected well, they can be used for many years, you only need to change the pen insert in them. Here you can find a wide selection of Zebra metal pens, stainless steel or brass, filled with oil-based or gel ink. The most popular: F-301, SL-F1, Telescopic Stylus, Sarasa Grand, FxMd.

Did you know that there are ZEBRA products made from recycled materials? Get to know ZEBRA’s colorful collection of environmentally friendly writing instruments!

Környezetbarát íróeszközök

Clip on Slim 4C

Liked and wanted! Clip-On Slim 4C combines great design and function! It’s so thin you can’t tell it’s more than a feather! The strong alligator clip has a small loop for attachment. Includes a refillable blue, black, red and green pen in one. Good news for environmentally conscious customers: they are made of recycled plastic (84% of the raw material).

Sarasa Clip

Sarasa Clip gel pens are very popular due to their beneficial properties: fast-drying smooth ink, beautiful colors, non-bleeding – non-smearing ink, and strong alligator clip! They are made from recycled materials. 76% of raw materials – excluding Vintage color pens.

Tapli Clip

The Tapli Clip ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil are environmentally friendly, 79% of the raw material is made from recycled plastic. Both are rubberized, with very comfortable grips and strong alligator clips.