Z-GRIP brand

The ZEBRA Z-GRIP brand pens are characterized by a uniform writing pattern and a varied appearance. Get to know the retractable ballpoint pen family recommended for everyday use!

A reliable pen is characterized by easy writing and a comfortable grip, which is comfortable for your finger even if you write with it for hours. You can get this economical pen at a good price and keep it with you for a long time in everyday life. No wonder the pen barrel is an outstanding part of the Z-Grip product line. Get to know the members of the ZEBRA pen family recommended for everyday use!

The Z-GRIP is a classic plastic rectactable ballpoint pen, perfect for taking notes, writing a shopping list or a nice message. You can choose from black, red and blue smooth ink, and the rubberized grip ensures comfortable writing even for those with thin fingers. Z-GRIP is a must have among ballpoint pens. You can trust it, as its transparent barrel shows exactly how much ink is left in it.

You can rely on the Z-GRIP family from the kitchen to the office, you can attach it to your notebook or your jeans pocket with the stainless metal clip, so it can accompany you anywhere. In addition to practicality, the Z-GRIP PASTEL family members were created by the modern office and youthful vigor. You can find it in five impressive, trendy pastel colors on the shelves of stationery stores.

Z-GRIP SMOOTH easily applies ink to paper. If you are one of those who want a larger selection of colors, you will find your solution in the Z-GRIP SMOOTH products. With green, blue, black, pink, purple transparent barrel and ink, it is also an ideal choice for children’s first drawings. The ink does not smudge small hands, its helps to practice fluid writing.

Z-GRIP SMOOTH is also a popular choice among those creating a creative journals. Choose the ink that suits your mood, which makes drawing and one-line writing airy due to its thinner consistency. The Z-GRIP SMOOTH ROSE GOLD has all the features of the Z-GRIPs, comfortable grip, smooth and beautiful writing, and on top of all that, its fashionable rose gold color makes it a special, lovable writing instrument that has its place in your pen holder. You can choose between black and blue ink, whichever you prefer to write with.

The most sporty member of the line is Z-GRIP FLIGHT. In addition to its unique appearance, it writes a stronger, more defined line than other members of the Z-GRIP ballpoint pen family, and for older people the list made with it is more visible and legible. The color of the ink is the same as the color of the barrel, which can be blue, red and black. The appearance of Z-GRIP FLIGHT is both elegant and playful, and thanks to its features, it deserves the label “for everyday use”. Quality, reliability and a good price in one rectactable ballpoint pen.


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