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During the preparation for Christmas, we try to express to our loved ones how important they are to us. In this post, we put together a bouquet of our favorite pens for women, which can be great gifts under the tree. Zebra pens for women.

Sarasa Grand – The elegant

The Sarasa Grand is the most elegant pen in our Sarasa product line. Thanks to the graphite black, wine red, golden yellow, and midnight blue copper pen barrel, everyone will find the one that suits them best. With its gel, blue ink, and engravable barrel, it can be an excellent signing pen. It enables a confident grip, and through the small window on it, you can always know when it is time to change the filling. Elegance is also combined with practicality, as you can easily attach it to your thicker, hard-cover notebooks with its springy, metal clip. Also available in a decorative box.

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SL-F1 – The compact

Our SL-F1 ballpoint pen has a length of only 105 mm when folded. It is a favorite of many women because its compactness is combined with a fashionable appearance. Due to its unique design, many people only know it as “the pull-out” pen from the ZEBRA palette.

It is available in 12 different colors and has a replaceable F fill, which enables a very nice thin writing thickness (0.24 mm). It can also be purchased in a gift box, and due to its varied color palette.

Telescopic Stylus – The smart

The Telescopic Stylus can be pulled out like the SL-F1 pen, but it has replaced the wide color palette with a smart solution. The pen, which is available in three colors, has a rubber end that operates touchscreens, so we can use it as our finger and answer our emails even with gloved hands in the winter. Its stainless steel barrel can be engraved in the same way as in the case of the SL-F1. It’s a very popular signature and business gift pen.

+1 Mildliners

The ZEBRA Mildliner product line consists of double-ended Highlighters and Brush&Markers. Felt-tip pens and brush pens with a minimal, clean design hide unparalleled possibilities. If you know that your friend, partner, or colleague likes to draw, and take notes in a creative way, you won’t go wrong with choosing Mildliner as a gift for her.

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