A Sarasa product line

The magic word that describes the gel pen, with the help of which your spectacular bullet journal pages become spotless: Sarasa

The water-based, smooth ink of the Sarasa gel pen brand guarantees that the pen glides easily on any paper. Your lines and letters will thus be of uniform thickness.


Sarasa Retractable – everyday warrior

What is needed for comfortable note-taking, whether you have to do it in school or at a meeting? A reliable pen with a comfortable grip and fast-drying ink, that helps to write down the thoughts of even the fastest note-taker. The Sarasa Retractable follows your thoughts with the precision of a Japanese samurai. It resists time, does not fade, and also withstands an accident caused by an accidentally spilled drink.

The black, red, and blue waterproof ink ensure that you stand out in the office or at school. If you run out of ink, you can insert a medium (0.33 mm) or bold (0.37 mm) writing image into the push-button pen body.

Sarasa Clip – Bohemian, diverse artist

With Sarasa Clip artistic pens, you can enter the next level of note-taking on your paper and in your notebook. It has everything you need to know as a member of the Sarasa family: waterproof, archival and non-smudge ink, and the standard colors have replaceable refills.

Sarasa Clip is one of the most popular tools for creative journaling worldwide. Its 76% recycled barrel fits comfortably in the hands of students, office workers and creative creators to create thin (0.29 mm), medium (0.33 mm) or bold (0.37 mm) lines and shapes. The practical, strong clip ensures that you never lose it. Clip it in your hip or shirt pocket, to the edge of your diary or notebook.

Sarasa Clip sets: A festival of colors with a unique feel

In addition to the 20 basic colors of the Sarada Clip family, it surprises you with special color sets such as Sarasa Clip Milk, Sarasa Clip Neon, or Sarasa Clip Vintage.

Sarasa Clip Milk’s 8 types of creamy, soft, milky pastels and Sarasa Clip Neon’s 5 bright, rebellious, neon colors that also look great on black paper.

Lovers of retro and dark-toned colors will find creative pens close to their hearts in the Sarasa Vintage family. In addition to blue-black, blue-gray, greenish-black, burgundy, and brownish-gray ink, it also radiates a timeless atmosphere on the outside.

Those who like extreme mixes and pen specialties can spice up their notes with the subtle colors of Sarasa Marble. Choose from stunning colour combinations like cotton candy (purple and pink), tropical mango (orange and yellow), blueberry smoothie (blue and purple), Hawaiian pineapple (orange and green), and mint storm (mint green and purple).

Sarasa Grand – the elite of the Imperial Court

Without exaggeration, it is the most elegant pen of the Sarasa family. Decorative writing instruments traditionally have the uplifting fate of becoming a signature and gift pen. It undertakes the mission with his head held high, with an engraveable and heavier copper pen barrel.
Give it as a surprise in a gift box for special day. Choose from midnight blue, granite black, wine red and golden yellow metallic colors. Each Sarasa Grand has a soft dark blue ink, which has all the positive characteristics of the Sarasa family and glides on the paper with a medium (0.33 mm) writing thickness and confident elegance. If you want to know how much ink is hidden in the elegant pen, you can take a look through the small window on the barrel, where you can check whether it is time to order a new refill.