ZEBRA’s brush calligraphy pens will introduce you to the mysteries of modern calligraphy with a rich, deep black color. With their waterproof, non-toxic ink, you can safely explore traditional lettering.

WFT5 – has a double-ended design that includes the thin and medium felt tip at the same time, so you can draw small details as well as large, heavier lines with it. The tight-fitting cap guarantees that the pen does not dry out and that you can enjoy creating with it for a long time.

FD-502 – has a double-ended design so you can draw thinner and medium line thicknesses. Postcards, letters, headlines in your diary? One end of the brush pen has a synthetic brush giving the experience of a real brush, while the hard, felt tip on the other end of the marker offers the opportunity to create modern calligraphic forms.

The WF series (WFSS4, WF1, WF3) make writing and illustration comfortable with a flexible felt tip. You get extra thin, thin, and medium writing depending on which of the brush pens you choose. It is a popular writing tool used for drawing manga, comic books and illustrations, calligraphic writing, and creating quotes. By applying pressure on the paper, you can achieve the classic thin and thick letters.

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