A Mildliner markers and brushpens

Double-ended felt tip: For artists, creatives, and students for everyday use.

The ZEBRA MILDLINER product line, which provides perfect colour splendor, consists of double-ended Highlighters and Brush & Markers. Felt-tip pens and brush pens with a minimal, clean design hold unparalleled possibilities. Look for these versatile tools if you want to spice up your notes, add soft colors to your sketches, or improve your lettering technique.


Mildliner Highlighter – the creative organiser

Available in five color sets, the Mildliner Highlighter (Fluorescent, Cool&Refined, Warm, Refresh, Friendly) helps you if you need to focus. Below are the details of the colors:

  • Fluorescent: Blue, yellow, pink, orange, teal
  • Cool&Refined: Grey, red, green, purple, dark blue
  • Warm: Cinnabar, brown, magenta, gold, smoky blue
  • Refresh: Fuchsia, marigold, citrus green, summer green, lavender
  • Friendly: Dark gray, cyan blue, coral pink, peach, lemon yellow

With the soft colors of the Mildliner Highlighter, you can easily highlight the most important parts of your notes, whether it’s a meeting memo or even a graduation invitation. Available in 25 colors, the Highlighter has waterproof, archival, non-fading ink, so your letters will be preserved even if your notes get wet on a rainy day.

Thanks to its double-ended design, you can use the wider, chisel tip for highlighting, while the narrower, rounder tip can be used for markings and underlines. It is the perfect addition to bullet journals because it highlights and helps you express yourself.

Mildliner Brush&Marker – creative energy

The Mildliner Brush&Marker was created as a combination of a brush pen and a round-tip marker. Mildliner, available in 25 colors in Hungary, is a favorite of the bullet journal and scrapbook lovers. With its soft-colored, transparent, waterproof ink, it is excellent for layering and does not bleed through the paper. The brush tip is like an artist’s brush, allowing bold and thin strokes, while the fine marker ensures confident, even lines.

Mildiner Brush&Marker is recommended not only for bujo and scrapbooking fans:

  • for lovers of calligraphy: the tips of the Mildliner Brush&Marker pens are similar to classic black calligraphy pens, but with the Mildliner available in wonderful color combinations, you can now create unique, colorful calligraphy.
  • for enthusiastic children: the barrel design and soft colors of the brush pens make coloring much easier – regardless of age group.

Bonus tip: If you have both sets and store them in one place, the cap helps to distinguish between the pens: the cap on the end of the Mildliner Brush&Marker has a window, while the chisel tip of the Mildliner Highlighter is marked by a white circle on the top of the cap.




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