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In the post below, we provide a guide to creating a truly creative, interactive Christmas bullet journal.

If you use your notebook for more than just writing down tasks, but also to recharge yourself creatively, then there are certainly decorative patches, tear-outs of price-setting booklets, and packaging details hidden in the depths of your drawers, which can be used in a cool way to create a unique “mini” advent calendar.

Step 1: Preparations

As a first step, collect all your creative papers, details, and accessories. It is also good if you bring washi tapes and staple glue.

Step 2: Designing the frame

Plan the look and size of the 24 days of Christmas. Calculate, and measure the small days of Advent, and draw their place with a mechanical pencil for the time being.

Step 3: Planning the decorations

Decoration planning: when you think of Christmas, you probably think of one or two characteristic motifs and shapes that could look good on your Advent calendar. If you are not feeling inspired, feel free to look for Christmas patterns on Pinterest or Instagram among the hashtags of the bujo community. In addition to the drawings, see how and which of your decor details can be included.

Step 4: Redraw

Draw windows with a mechanical pencil, draw decorative elements with a Zensation felt-tip pen, then fix the other elements with sticky tape and/or washi tape.

Step 5: Coloring

As a penultimate step, take out your Mildliner set and fill your drawn, creative advent calendar with colors.

Step 6: Fill with contents

After that, there is really nothing left but to upload the content of the Advent calendar, for which you also have several options:

    • Write up in advance for each day, what would you like to do: relax and recharge your batteries.
    • Are you a film series fan? Enter which part of your current favorite(s) you will watch on which day!
    • You also have the option to always write down the one thing that really warmed your heart on that day. Did you get a nice message from someone? Did you manage to do a task that you have been putting off for a long time? Maybe you finally had the time to go to a place you’ve wanted for a long time.

Take a photo and upload your creation to Facebook and/or Instagram using the hashtag #myzebrapen and we will share it on our own social media platforms!