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2023 – new year – new bullet journal. In the next article, we would like to give you a hint on how to use your bullet journal, if you are just getting started with this great methodology of journal planning.

The bullet journal method

The bullet journal system was developed by Ryder Carrol and made available to the public in 2013. The bullet journal is a “planner, diary, notepad, to-do list and sketchbook at the same time, a practical but lenient tool” with which you can create order in your mind.
Ryder found that writing down his thoughts – creating a system – helped him remember. In addition, looking back at his notes, he was able to recall what he did a week, two weeks or a month ago. 
In a previous blogpost we have already written about, what features should be taken into account when choosing a bujo notebook.
In addition to the notebook, the writing instrument used during journaling is at least as important, with which we record our notes.

The guardian of your memories – The writing instrument

At ZEBRA, the goal of research and development is to make it easier for ZEBRA pen users to capture important events in their private and professional lives. We have ballpoint, gel and roller pens, mechanical pencils and markers. Some are specifically for writing, some are more suitable for coloring or highlighting.
Below are a couple of suggestions for tools you can use while hiding:
Drafix: Drafix is a ZEBRA mechanical pencil. One of its advantages is a plastic ring around the barrel – you can be marked the type of graphite tip: standard 0.3/0.5/0.7/0.9 mm. Drafix is excellent for making technical drawings and illustrations. With its built-in eraser, unnecessary lines can be erased. Available in black.
Ola: The rubberized Ola retractable ballpoint pen ensures a comfortable grip and is also an ideal choice for children. It has thicker writing (0.27 mm), and its ink does not smudge. It is also available in three colors (blue, black, and red).
Sarasa Clip: Sarasa Clip pens are available from extra thin to normal writing weight and we are proud to be classified as eco-friendly pens thanks to their replaceable refill (only black and blue, 0.5/0.7 mm refills) and 76% recycled barrel. We recommend it to students, office workers, and creative activities, to those who like varied, fashionable colors, as the basic set of the Sarasa Clip product line is available in 20 colors.
Mildliner Highlighter: Our Mildliner product line is the most popular among creative creators. Thanks to its double-ended design, the Mildliner Highlighter perfectly combines the advantages of a reliable text highlighter cut and a versatile round tip. The two types of tips allow you to draw thin and thicker lines with the help of a writing tool.


Bujo trends

Minimalist bujo

The minimalist bujo trend favors those who like quick, transparent written notes and concise statements.

Art journal

The art journal is used by creative people with an artistic streak who like to express their to-do list with colors and shapes instead of words. They offer colorful, even painted, or washi tape cover pages and month starters.

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