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The word “bucket list” was created from the expression “kicks the bucket” and usually includes those things and places that we definitely want to try and visit before the end of our lives. Nowadays, you can make a bucket list about almost anything, and we often come across bullet journal pages. We have therefore put together a collection of ideas.

Here are 5 bucket list topics that should be on your bullet journal bucket list

  1. Vacation locations, countries, and landscapes that you would be happy to visit.
  2. Before I’m ___  list. The turning points in our lives are the ages 18, 20, 25, 30, 40, and 50, maybe another number that means a lot to you. Thinking through, and describing what you want to achieve and experience, let’s say, before the age of 30, will help ensure that these goals are truly realized.
  3. Book/Movie bucket list. Movies and books you want to watch and read are added to this list. You can prepare it for a quarter or a year in advance.
  4. Children’s dreams. As a mother, it is a wonderful program to ask the children what they want, and what dream locations and programs move them! Make their dream list!
  5. Christmas bucket list. It comes right after the autumn and Halloween list. Make sure you don’t just list things to do. Listen to yourself and your heart. What is it that the holiday season would not be complete without? Do you have it? Then write it down!

The bucket list can consist of any number of items, but experienced creators and efficiency coaches recommend keeping the list short. Thus, it also gives you pleasure if you can fulfill the wishes on the list within a foreseeable time. After all, once your first list of 10 is done, there’s room for the next one in your bullet journal, right?

Prepare this summer’s bucket list

Summer is still in full swing, so of course, we invite you to make your summer bucket list with us.

What do you want to experience this summer? Here is our TOP10 list:

  1. Outdoor picnic
  2. Watch the sunset on the shore of Balaton
  3. Dancing until dawn with friends
  4. Eat ice cream for breakfast
  5. Go to an outdoor cinema
  6. Watch the shooting stars in August
  7. Take lots of photos and memories and capture them in your bullet journal
  8. Attend a calligraphy workshop
  9. To go to the zoo, to visit Zaki the zebra
  10. Going to an outdoor craft fair and supporting a small entrepreneur

Don’t forget to mark completed elements of the bucket list with a tick. You can add photos or a short diary entry, and have an eternal memory that will always be easy and pleasant to remember!

You can find tips, ideas, and tricks for the bullet journal scrapbooking technique in our Facebook group! Join us and show us what your summer bucket list looks like!