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For a diary or writing fanatic, it does not matter what kind of bullet journal notebook holds its lines, because a bujo can be a companion for recording our memories and plans for months or even a year. In this post, we have collected a few aspects that may be worth considering during your next trip to the stationary store.

Bookbinding, in other words, how you will fold and turn the pages of your bullet journal

Some people are fans of the spiral or discs, and some are fans of the glue-bonded solution. One thing is certain, there are few people who love both equally.

Disc-bound notebooks allow you to rearrange the order of your pages, which gives you a lot of freedom. You can choose not to fill your notebook with the entire year, but instead, fill it continuously, or put the older months in a separate box or folder.

Spiral notebooks are loved because the two halves of the notebook are usually folded over each other during use, so it takes up smaller space but gives a harder surface, making it easier to write on – for example, there is no table around.

We feel that bound notebooks are more “serious”, they reflect the nature of a diary better, and are preferred by more experienced bullet journalists. It doesn’t offer as much flexibility as disk-bound notebooks, but the pages certainly won’t jump out of it, even if we carry them with us in a slightly heavier bag.

Bullet journal paper quality

One of the most important things in terms of journaling. We don’t like it when our decorative lists and habit trackers spill over onto the other side of the paper during coloring. Many notebooks have paper so thin that even the thinnest pen will poke through the pages. If you have the opportunity, it is definitely worth testing the paper – because, unfortunately, the price does not necessarily mean better paper quality.

Page numbering

In Ryder Carroll’s original bullet journal, page numbers are an essential part of the system. In the so-called index, following the markings, the various topics are listed through the weeks and months, so you always know where to look for your shopping list for the week or your Christmas wish list.

Creative art bullet journals, which are trendy and perhaps more widespread today, can dispense with page numbering, as they guide the reader through the journal with spectacular month separators and week markings.

+ 1 Pen holder

What else could be one of the most useful accessories for a journal than a pen holder? That way, your pen, which you use to write in your diary, will always be at hand, and you won’t have to look for it in your bag.

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