The history of the ZEBRA brand

For 30 years, children and adults in Europe have been able to choose ZEBRA’s quality pens, including ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, rollerball pens, fountain pens, gel pens, text highlighters, and brush pens.


We are committed to innovation, quality, and excellent customer service. We base the past, present, and future on the needs of our customers and the ideas and creativity of our employees.

The history of ZEBRA began in 1897, when Mr. Ishikawa, the founder of ZEBRA Co. Ltd., began to distribute the metal nibs he produced in Japan. Mr. Ishikawa was looking for a name for his products that reflects the values of his company, and that is easy to understand, recognize, and remember in any market around the world. He took an English-Japanese dictionary and, according to Japanese customs, began to read from the back, starting with the letter Z. His eyes soon caught the word zebra. He knew that zebras are gentle animals, with a strong family bond. For him, this was an important feature, as he wanted to create a business in which employees and business partners support each other and cooperate closely.

ZEBRA brand has raised its striped flag in several countries around the world. In addition to Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom, and America, the high-quality writing experience provided by ZEBRA pens has been available in Europe for 30 years.

ZEBRA pens are your loyal companion in self-expression and at work. Whether it’s thin, medium, or bold writing, more liquid ink, creative areas, or busy everyday life that requires fast and reliable solutions, you’ll find the right pen in our range.

Discover the diversity of ZEBRA pens

ZEBRA's inventions and values

Diligence, humbleness, togetherness and the pursuit of good

You are in the center

The goal of ZEBRA brand is to create a creative community in which everyone can find the writing instrument that best suits their individuality. Writing and drawing are a form of self-expression, and we encourage you to do so. Individual needs play a role in the creation of new and magical colors and developments. We are expanding our product range based on feedback from our customers.

Technological developments

A new generation ink, emulsion ink, was born in ZEBRA’s ink laboratory in the Japanese center. Its specialty is that it is extremely soft, dries quickly, and does not smudge.

Environmentally friendly pens

Among the ZEBRA pens, you will find several pen barrels made of 75% recycled plastic, as well as our metal pens and replaceable refills.

Protection against drying out

Before use, a rubber ball protects the tip of our pens from drying out or spilling.

Pens for everyday use and individual needs

Ballpoint pens for work, mechanical pencils, rollerballs, fountain pens for learning, and gel pens with a wide range of colors are your companions in creative work. Are you left-handed? We have a pen for you too!

Inspirational ZEBRA Community

You can join the ZEBRA Pen creators on our Instagram and TikTok page!