The 301 product line

The reliable classic.

The 301 is one of our most varied pen product lines, as it includes everything from ballpoint pens to gel pens to mechanical pencils.


F-301 is the best-selling ZEBRA metal ballpoint pen in Europe. Reliable, and durable – it belongs on every desk and pen holder! The F-301 has a push-button design with a strong metal clip and a comfortable grip. Thanks to its smooth, easily gliding ink, it is the perfect everyday pen. Available in 4 classic colors with blue ink. Refillable, so if the environment is important to you, it can be an ideal choice. In addition to the classic pen body colors, it can also be purchased in fresh pastel color variations since May 2022.


Available in trendy, metallic colors, the 301A comes with a crushing style, push-button, and brushed aluminum body. With its blue ink and elegant appearance, this pen is simply the perfect everyday pen!

It is already available in 8 metallic colors on store shelves: grey, blue, green, pink, gold, mauve, silver, and black. Choose it as an accessory and brighten up your lessons or business meetings.


A sleek and sophisticated retractable pen with gel ink that always has a dynamic look. The G-301 is a high-performance pen that has a solid stainless steel barrel for long-lasting life, as well as ultra-smooth, easy-glide, non-smudge gel ink. The G-301 is refillable, the refill can be purchased in blue and black colors.

F-301 Compact

The F-301 Compact is the relative, more compact sibling of the original F-301. This pen has all the advantages of the F-301, with a special feature. The stainless steel body is collapsible (97 mm!) – so it fits easily in a small pocket or bag. Available with blue and black ink, refillable.


Our stainless steel mechanical pencil offers easy refilling and the usual durable stainless steel barrel of the series – not to mention the practical eraser. It is easy to hold and thanks to its metal clip, it will not disappear from your notebook. With its blue, black, green, and burgundy barrel colours, the M-301 joins the group of classics. It can be refilled with a standard 0.5 mm HB refill.


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